Hayes Hospital

Project Overview:

Hayes Hospital contacted Gem Tree Management with concerns about several large mature trees on their grounds. These trees, while providing shade and visual appeal, had grown to a size where they were obstructing sunlight from reaching patient rooms and posed a potential risk of limb failure due to their proximity to buildings.

The challenge

Sensitive Environment: The work had to be completed with minimal disruption to patients, staff, and the hospital's daily operations.

Preservation of Trees: The hospital valued the aesthetic and environmental benefits of the trees and wanted to avoid unnecessary removal.

Tree Health Concerns: Some of the trees showed signs of stress and needed pruning to improve their overall health and longevity.


Comprehensive Assessment: Our certified arborists conducted a thorough assessment of the trees, considering their species, age, health, and location relative to buildings and walkways.

Tailored Crown Reduction Plan: We developed a customized plan for each tree, aiming to reduce their height and spread while maintaining their natural shape and promoting healthy growth. The plan also incorporated specific timing to minimize disruption to hospital activities.

Skilled Execution: Our team employed advanced rigging techniques and specialized pruning equipment to safely and precisely reduce the tree crowns. We worked diligently to minimize noise and debris, ensuring the hospital environment remained peaceful and clean.

Post-Pruning Care: After the crown reduction, we applied wound dressings to promote healing and prevent disease. We also provided the hospital with a comprehensive tree care plan for ongoing maintenance.


Improved Light Penetration: Patient rooms now receive significantly more natural sunlight, enhancing the healing environment and overall well-being of patients.

Reduced Risk: The risk of falling limbs and damage to hospital buildings was significantly reduced, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The trees maintain their natural beauty and contribute to the hospital's welcoming atmosphere.

Client Satisfaction: Hayes Hospital was highly satisfied with the results, commending our professionalism, expertise, and minimal disruption to their operations.