Project Overview:

Gem Tree Management recently completed a successful crown reduction on a mature oak tree located in Harrow. The client requested a reduction in the tree's overall size to improve light penetration and reduce the risk of wind damage.

The challenge

Tree Size & Age: The oak tree was a significant size and had been established for many years, requiring careful planning and specialised equipment.

Preservation: The client wished to maintain the tree's health and natural form while reducing its size.


Experienced Arborists: Our team of certified arborists assessed the tree and developed a detailed plan to achieve the desired crown reduction while preserving the tree's structural integrity.

Specialised Equipment: We utilized advanced climbing and rigging techniques, along with professional-grade pruning tools, to safely and efficiently remove selected branches.

Precision Pruning: Each cut was carefully considered to maintain the tree's natural shape and balance, while also ensuring proper wound closure to promote healing.


Reduced Crown Size: The tree's crown was successfully reduced by 25%, significantly improving light penetration to the surrounding area.

Improved Safety: The risk of wind damage and falling limbs was reduced, enhancing the safety of the property and surrounding areas.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The tree's natural form was preserved, maintaining its aesthetic value while achieving the desired reduction in size.

Satisfied Client: The client was extremely pleased with the results, noting the improved light levels and the care taken to maintain the tree's health and beauty.