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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs): Expert Guidance & Compliance for Your Commercial Property

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) protect valuable trees and woodlands, ensuring their preservation for future generations. Gem Tree Management understands the intricacies of TPO regulations and offers expert guidance and services to help your business navigate the process while maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape.

Our TPO Services:

  • TPO Assessment & Advice: We assess your trees to determine if they are protected by a TPO and advise you on the necessary steps for compliance.
  • TPO Application Support: We assist you with preparing and submitting applications for tree work on protected trees, ensuring all requirements are met.
  • TPO-Compliant Tree Work: We carry out tree work in full compliance with TPO regulations, including pruning, crown reduction, and, if necessary, tree removal with appropriate permissions.
  • Liaison with Local Authorities: We act as your liaison with local council tree officers, ensuring smooth communication and efficient processing of applications.

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Why Choose Gem Tree Management for TPO Services?

  • Expert Knowledge: Our certified arborists have in-depth knowledge of TPO legislation and best practices for working with protected trees.
  • Experience: We have a proven track record of successful TPO applications and compliant tree work.
  • Streamlined Process: We handle the complex TPO process for you, saving you time and ensuring compliance.
  • Focus on Tree Health: We prioritize the health and preservation of your trees, even within the constraints of TPO regulations.

Understanding Tree Preservation Orders:

  • What is a TPO? A Tree Preservation Order is a legal protection for trees deemed to have significant amenity value.
  • Why are TPOs Important? TPOs help conserve trees that contribute to the character of an area, provide wildlife habitat, and offer environmental benefits.
  • When do I Need a TPO? If you plan to carry out work on a tree that is protected by a TPO, you must obtain permission from the local planning authority.

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